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Bass Fishing Products and More!

Berkley has been a top brand driving the bass fishing world with a variety of bass fishing products like soft plastics and hard baits. From Finesse to Topwater to Open water, Berkley offers all of the best bass fishing techniques for you keep you catching fish.
  • Berkley Accessories

    Berkley Accessories

    Tip Ups, Attractant, Bottom Finders, and More.

    Berkley offers a large variety of accessories for bass fishermen. Marker bouy's, line strippers, Ice Scoops, and much more! Berkley will make you fishing trip much smoother!

  • Berkley Craws & Creature Baits

    Berkley Craws & Creature Baits

    Jig Trailer, Punching, Openwater and more!!

    Berkley craws and creature baits has a place in everyones bass fishing tackle boxes. Offering a large vairty of style and colors Berkley takes bass fishing soft plastics to the next level.

  • Berkley Drop Shot Baits

    Berkley Drop Shot Baits

    A finesse approach to Bass Fishing.

    Berkley Drop Shot baits are a great finesse bait that can catch even the most finicky bass. The new Berkley Powerbait MaxScent Worm is a new serious soft plastic drop shot bait!

  • Berkley Fishing Line

    Berkley Fishing Line

    Monofilament, Braid, and Fluorocarbon Lines

    Berkley offers the main types of line perfect for your next fishing trip. From Braid to Fluoro Berkley's products perform time after time.

  • Berkley Grubs

    Berkley Grubs

    Swim it or drag it and hold on.

    Bass Fishing with grubs has been around for a long time and with Berkley's grubs it just got better. These curly tail grubs are a serious soft plastic capable of catching a TON of bass!

  • Berkley Hardbaits

    Berkley Hard Baits

    Crankbaits, Jerkbaits, and Topwater!

    All the bases are covered here. A large selection of Bass Fishing crankbaits, jerkbaits, and topwater baits to get the fish in the boat.

  • Berkley Jigs

    Berkley Jigs

    The Berkley Snap Jighead.

    A interesting jig head meant to matched up with a variety of plastics like a soft plastic fluke and is great for bass. With a gliding darting technique is perfect for open water or through the ice.

  • Berkley Powerbait Maxscent

    Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Soft Plastics

    Worms, Creatures, and more!

    The bass fishing soft plastic market just got better. With a large varity of baits for near ever appliaction. Berkley's bass fishing baits are incredible and are some of the best baits fished.

  • Berkley Soft Body Frogs

    Berkley Soft Body Frogs

    Powerbait Rib Toad!

    Perfect to toss around pads and vegitation the Berkley Powerbait Rib Toad will draw fish out of serious cover where the larger fish reside.

  • Berkley Soft Jerk Baits

    Berkley Soft Body Jerk Baits

    Top quality Soft Plastic Flukes!

    Fished weightless or on a jighead like the Berkley Snap Jig, these soft plastic jerkbaits are key to targeting schooling fish and open water fish.

  • Berkley Soft Stickbaits

    Berkley Soft Stickbaits

    Wacky, Worm, Neko, Rig it How You Want!

    Soft Stickbaits have been a dominate force in the bass fishing industry. Berkley hits the nail on the head with is stick baits in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes!

  • Berkley Swimbaits

    Berkley Swimbaits

    Swimbait Fishing For Bass

    Swimbait fishing has been know to catch TONS of bass. Baits like the Power Swimmer and Rib Shad are soft plastics that Berkley offers that matched up with a jig head are a deadly combo.
  • Berkley Tubes

    Berkley Tubes

    Fishing Tubes for Bass Can Be Very Effective.

    Dragging a tube, hopping, or popping a tube can be a serious technique. Berkley tubes hold up and flat out catch fish. When the tube bit is hot these are tubes that should be matched up with your tube head jig.

  • Berkley Worms

    Berkley Worms

    Shaky, Stick, Curly and More!

    Plastic worms for bass has been around for a long time and catch fish just about every where you go. Find out how to rig these plastics and get ready to put some fish in the boat with these top bass fishing soft plastics.

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