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A Variety of Bass Fishing Products

Booyah offers a large selection of products for topwater fishing, open water jig fishing, spinnerbaits, and more!

  • Booyah Buzzbaits

    Booyah Buzzbaits

    Buzz, Buzz, CRASH!

    Buzz baits are a very affective way to catch bass. Draw fish out of cover with Booyah's buzz baits!

  • Booyah Frogs

    Booyah Topwater Frogs

    Frogs and More Frogs!

    Who doesn't like frog fishing? Topwater fishing with frogs is always a blast. Make it even better with Booyah Pad Crasher Frog and the Newest addition the Toad Runner.

  • Booyah Hard Baits

    Booyah Hard Baits

    Topwater, Crankbaits, and more.

    Fish all of the water column with a variety of hard baits from Booyah including topwater baits like the Booyah Crank Popper which is a mix between a crankbait and popper.

  • Booyah Jigs

    Booyah Jigs

    Top Casting, Finesse, and Swim jigs for Bass!

    However you fish a jig Booyah has one for you. Great colors and sizes make those jig fishing days that much more productive.

  • Booyah Spinnerbaits

    Booyah Spinnerbaits

    Theres no such thing as to many spinnerbaits.

    Single blade or double blade Booyah has a great selection of spinnerbaits in different sizes to match what you need.

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