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Blade Baits, Jig Heads, and more.

Known for there Blade Baits and Jig heads Buckeye offers some great products for bass fishing for an afforable price!

  • Buckeye Blade Baits

    Buckeye Blade Baits

    The Buckeye Jigging Blade Bait!

    Cold water fishing is much easier when you are equip with a Buckeye Jigging Blade. Deep water fishing is now a breeze.

  • Buckeye Jig Heads

    Buckeye Jig Heads

    Bass Fishing Jig Heads!

    Finesse Swimbait jigs heads to Wacky Buckeye has was you need to get the job done.

  • Buckeye UnderSpins

    Buckeye Underspins

    Matched these up with a Swimbait

    Underspins are relatively new to the bass market in the last few years that have been a key product to catch big bass. Match the Buckeye Su-Spin Underspin up with your favorite swimbait and catch some fish!

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