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Charlie Brewer's Slider

Worms, Terminal Gear, and More!

Charlie Brewer's Slider offer a variety of baits for use in almost any and all bass fishing situations!

  • Charlie Brewers Slider Grubs

    Charlie Brewers Slider Grubs

    A grub swimbait that almost never fails.

    Charlie Brewers Slider Grubs have been around for quite sometime and still catch like they have for year. This smaller sized crankbait is very effective including during early season cold water fishing,

  • Charlie Brewers Slider Terminal Tackle

    Charlie Brewers Slider Terminal Tackle

    Match your Soft Plastics Up Perfectly

    Mix and match a ton of different soft plastics with Charlie Brewers various jig heads and hooks.

  • Charlie Brewers Slider Worms

    Charlie Brewers Slider Worms

    The worm is one of the most versatile baits.

    The slider worm can work wonders in nearly any situation needed. Bass can't resist its action that will keep them coming for years to come.

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