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Culprit Lures

Worms, Creature Baits, and More!

When it comes to soft plastics Culprit has been doing it right for over 40 years. Either using their worms or creature baits the bass can't resist!

  • Culprit Accessories

    Culprit Accessories

    Fishing Scissors Perfect For The Boat.

    It is always good to have a good pair of fishing scissors on the boat of in the fishing bag. Culprits scissors are the perfect addition to your tackle box.

  • Culprit Craws & Creature Baits

    Culprit Craws & Creature Baits

    Who Doesn't Like a Good Flipping Bite?

    Flip in and hold on. Culprit makes the perfect creature baits for both flipping and as a jig trailer. Check out the variety of Culprit Creature and Craw baits below!

  • Culprit Worms

    Culprit Worms

    The Worm Always Works.

    Everyone's fished with a worm before. Culprit worms are the real deal. They offer a few of the best worms for bass on the market. Fished in bunch of different ways the bass won't be able to resist.

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