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Duo Realis

Japanese Soft Baits, Hardbaits, and More!

Coming right out of Japan Duo Internationals Series Duo Realis has made a impact on the US market. With some of the best jerkbaits and crankbaits Duo Realis continues to be a serious player in the fishing lures market.

  • Duo International Lure Cases

    Duo International Lure Cases

    Perfect for Spinbaits, Jerkbaits, Topwater and more!

    Keep your best jerkbaits, topwater baits, and spinbaits protected with Duo International Lures cases and make locating and transporting baits a breeze.

  • Duo Realis Crankbaits

    Duo Realis Crankbaits

    Deep Divers to Shallow Duo Realis has you covered.

    Crank bait fishing is a very effective technique. Duo Realis makes that technique shine even more so with its wide range of crankbaits from super deep to shallow runners great for bass and other freshwater species alike.

  • Duo Realis Jerkbaits

    Duo Realis Jerkbaits

    Jerk, Jerk, Pause, BOOM

    Jerkbait fishing can be very effective nearly year round in parts of the country. Duo Realis offers a range of Jerkbaits for whatever depth you desire.

  • Duo Realis Spinbaits

    Duo Realis Spinbaits

    The Front Runner of The Spybait Technique.

    Spinbaits have made a big impact in the bass fishing world last few years. This finesse crankbait technique has been made big by Duo Realis.

  • Duo Realis Underspins

    Duo Realis Underspins

    New to Addition to the Duo Realis Line Up!

    Underspins and Tail Spins are a great addition to you freshwater aresenal. Duo Realis has perfected this technique with the Realis Tail Spin to get those bass to bite.

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