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Eurotackle is the leader of Micro Finesse Fishing soft plastics and hardbaits.

Their durable yet soft plastic is key when fishing these baits while ice fishing or open water. They also offer the smallest lipless crankbait to date, the Z-Viber. Eurotackle's micro fishing lures never disappoint!

  • Eurotackle Hardbaits

    Eurotackle Hardbaits

    Open water or through the Ice, Eurotackle has you covered with hardbaits.

    The Eurotackle Z-Viber has made quite the stir in the micro finesse fishing style that it now has a few brothers. Now coming in 4 sizes the Z Viber can be used to target a variety of species. Check out the sizes and colors that are available below now!

  • Eurotackle Jigs & Jig Heads

    Eurotackle Jigs & Jig Heads

    Micro Finesse Jig Heads and Vertical Jigs

    Check out the selection of Eurotackles Micro Finesse Jig heads that match of with your favorite small plastics, along with the New Eurotackle T-Flasher Vertical jig great though the ice or open water. See the selection below!

  • Eurotackle Soft Plastics

    Eurotackle Soft Plastics

    Plastics that catch nearly everything!

    Eurotackle has the Soft Plastic game covered. There is a large variety of small plastics to be matched up with your favorite ice or small jig. See the selection below!

  • Eurotackle Wax Worms

    Eurotackle Wax Worms

    When the bite gets tough, these mummified wax worms get the job done!

    The Eurotackle Wax worm can be a game changer matched with your favorite jig head or ice jig. Even try these on a Z-Viber and see what your able to jig up.

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