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Bass Fishing Topwater and Blade Baits

Heddon offers some serious bass fishing topwater baits for those crazy blow ups in the Spring and Summer and then offers blade baits for those cold days that follow!

  • Heddon Topwater Baits

    Heddon Topwater Baits

    Topwater Bass Fishing Baits

    Topwater fishing has become a favorite among anglers all over the country. From Heddon Spooks to Heddon Torpedos, topwater fishing couldn't get any better!

  • Heddon Blade Baits

    Heddon Blade Baits

    Blade Bait Fishing Must Haves!

    Fishing a blade bait during the colder months can be extremely productive. The Heddon Sonar Blade, Sonar Flash, and Sonar Rattle Blade baits are a great choice and some of the best blade baits on the market for bass and other species alike.

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