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Bass Fishing Hard and Soft Baits

Jackall has been in the bass fishing industry for some time now offering a variety of great products for all bass fishing fanatics. With NEW baits like the Jackall Chop Cut and more, Jackall continues to grow and continues to put fish in the boat.

  • Jackall Lipless Crankbaits

    Jackall Lipless Crankbaits

    Lipless Crankbaits / Rattle Traps Catch Bass!

    A few year back Jackall released the Jackall TN Disc Knocker Lipless Crankbait. Needless to say this baits is bass catching machine with great components and sticky hooks to catch almost any bass who wants an easy meal. Great for catching winter bass or bass in colder water!

  • Jackall Prop Baits

    Jackall Prop Baits

    A Productive Topwater Bait!

    Prop Baits are becoming more common in the bass fishing industry. The Jackall I-Prop 75 is one of those baits you won't want to put down. With a similar technique to "Spy Baiting" the I-Prop is perfect for suspended bass!

  • Jackall Swimbaits

    Jackall Swimbaits

    Big Swimbaits Catch Big Bass

    It's no secret that Big swimbait catch big bass. Jackall offers some of the most realistic and duarble swimbaits on the market. From hard swimbaits like the Jackall Gantel to the Soft Rhyme Wave swimbait Jackall makes big bass commit!

  • Jackall Topwater Baits

    Jackall Topwater Baits

    Topwater Fishing For Bass Fishing!

    Topwater fishing for most is a favorite among bass fishermen. Jackall offers a TON of great topwater fishing baits for get those MASSIVE top water strikes. Check out baits like the Jackall Grinch or the Jackall Chop Cut. Can't forget Frog fishing as well, with Jackall baits like the Gavacho Frog or the Kaera Frog! Make Jackall you're next choice on the water.

  • Jackall Jerk Baits

    Jackall Jerkbaits

    Ripbaits, Slashbaits, or Jerkbaits

    Fishing with a Jerkbait can be the most productive bait depending on the time of the year. Cold water fishing is where the jerkbait shines and that is when Jackall Jerkbaits come into play. With NEW jerkbaits like the Jackall Rerange and others like the Squad Minnnow, you can rely on Jackall to put bass in the boat.

  • Jackall Jigs

    Jackall Jigs

    Jig Fishing For Big Bass

    We know that using a jig with your favorite trailer can be a killer techinique all year round. Jackall offers the Spade Casting Jig ideal for a ton of different situations with a serious hook and skirt, this bait won't let you down.

  • Jackall Terminal Tackle

    Jackall Terminal Tackle

    Jackall Wacky Weighted Hooks

    Wacky Fishing with a worm is a deadly technique. Combine that with a Jackall Wacky Jig Head it just gets even better fishing in different depths of water more efficiently. Check out this Wacky Jig Head and match it with you favorite wacky style bait.

  • Jackall Drop Shot Baits

    Jackall Drop Shot Baits

    Drop Shotting for Big Bass with Jackall

    When the water gets warmer and the bass move deep, the drop shot technique is a go to. Jackall offers some great baits to assist with catching those bass. Check out the Jackall Flick Shake and the Jackall Crosstail Shad.

  • Jackall Creature Baits

    Jackall Creature Baits

    Craw, Creature, and Trailer Baits

    You can't go wrong with having to many creature baits for you jigs or flipping approaches. Jacakll offers a bunch of different styles and types to fit you technique perfectly. From dragging a jig with a Jackall cover craw or flipping a Jackall Archelon these baits catch serious bass!

  • Jackall Worms

    Jackall Worms

    Worm Fishing For Bass

    Everyone has fished with a soft plastic worm for bass at least once. Jackall makes that technique extremely productive. Check out the Jackall Flick Shake and the Jackall Yammyfish.

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