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Jewel Jigs

Top Quality Flipping, Casting, Football Jigs

Jewel Jigs are the kind that you try and stick with. Jewel offers a variety of Jigs for flipping, casting, finesse and more! Not to mention the jig heads and underspins. Bass fishing just got even better with Jewel Jigs and the variety of styles and colors.

  • Jewel Jig Heads

    Jewel Jig Heads

    Football, Shakey, and Swimbait Jig Heads!

    It's always good to have quality jig heads and that is what you will find with Jewel. Jewel offers Jig heads for swimbaits or Shakey heads for your favorite worms. Check out the different styles offered below.

  • Jewel Jigs

    Jewel Jigs

    Jig Fishing with Jewel Jigs

    Bass fishing with jigs is one of the top productive techniques. Jewel offers a large variety of bass fishing jigs like Casting Jigs, Finesse Jigs, Flipping Jigs, Football Jigs, and More! Match these up with your favorite trailer.

  • Jewel Rattles

    Jewel Jig Rattles

    Rattles Perfect For Your Jewel Jigs

    Add a little bit extra rattle to your jigs with the Jewel Jig Rattles. Sometimes it takes that little extra rattle to get those bass to notice and bite!

  • Jewel Underspins

    Jewel Underspins

    Fish Underspins For Big Bass!

    Fishing an underspin with you favorite swimbait can be a deadly combo. Jewel makes it even better with there version of the Underspin. Check out the sizes and colors below!

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