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Swimbaits, Jigs, Soft Plastics, and More!

Keitech has been a huge staple in the US Bass Fishing Market. With baits like the Keitech Swing Impact Swimbait and Jigs like the Model 2 Tungsten Football Jig Keitech continues to be a great product to catch monster bass.

  • Keitech Jig Heads

    Keitech Jig Heads

    High Quality Bass Fishing Jig Heads

    Picking a Jig head is easy with Keitech. Great quality components and hooks hold up to the pressure of BIG Bass. Check out the variety of sizes and styles from football jig heads to round ball, make your next bass fishing trip a great one.

  • Keitech Jigs

    Keitech Jigs

    Bass Fishing Jigs

    Its proven that jigs flat out catch bass. Keitech offers a variety of jigs to do just that, Ranging from the finesse jig the Tungsten Guard Spin Jig to the Model 2 Tungsten Football Jig Keitech has you cover. Match these with your favorite soft plastic jig trailers and hold on!

  • Keitech Soft Plastics

    Keitech Soft Plastics

    Soft Baits for Bass Fishing

    Offering a bunch of plastics ranging from the Keitech Custom Leech, Crazy Flapper, or Little Spider Grub. Keitech soft plastics encite even the most weary bass to bite. With a squid scent and great colors it's a no brainer to fish them.

  • Keitech Swimbaits

    Keitech Swimbaits

    Swing Impact, Easy Shiner, and Swing Impact Fat Swimbaits!

    Swimbait fishing for bass is one of the best ways to locate and catch fish. Keitech Swimbaits are the perfect match for a jig head, swim jig, underspin, and more! Offering a ton of sizes and colors Keitech has the swimbait game down pat.

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