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Bass Fishing Soft Baits and More!

When it comes to fishing, the soft plastic bait has came a long way. With a variety of styles and choices from a worm style bait to a crawfish style bait the possibilities are endless. Our selection offers some of the best baits on the market that catch fish and keep them biting! For bass and everything in between, check out the massive selection below!

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  • Craws

    Crawfish Style Baits for Bass and More!

    It's known that bass love eating crawfish. Using Crawfish style soft plastic baits is a great way to catch fish! Offering a huge variety of craw style baits from various brands you can find the right one to match the hatch and catch more bass!

  • Creature Baits

    Creature Softbaits For Bass

    Match with your favorite Jig or Hook!

    Similar to real crawfish, creature baits look like the real thing with an added twist. These baits are great as a trailer bait for your favorite jig or flipping with a hook and weight. See our large selection below and find your next great creauture bait today!

  • Drop Shot Baits

    Drop Shot Baits

    One of the most effective techniques in bass fishing.

    Drop shot fishing can be key to catching bass on almost any lake! Selecting the right drop shot soft bait is the first part of having an effective drop shot rig. Check out our large selection of drop shot worms, creatures, and more

  • Grubs

    Grub Softbaits

    One of the first and most productive baits styles.

    Grub fishing is a technique that has been around for quite some time. Some have even called it "swimbaiting before swimbaits were a thing". These soft plasics are great for bass, crappie, and everything in between. Match them up with your favorite jig head and head to the lake. See our selection from a variety of brands below

  • Lizards

    Lizard Soft Baits

    Spawn or Post Spawn Soft Plastic Lizards Catch Bass!

    An odd looking bait that makes those fish bite! Fishing with Lizards for bass is a technique that has been widely used over the years with various brands coming up with different colors, sizes, and plastics to get those big bass to strike. See our selection below!

  • Reapers & Leeches

    Reapers & Leeches Softbaits

    Have You Used A Soft Plastic Leech For Bass?

    Trying a soft plastic leech as a drop shot bait can be a productive way to catch both large & smallmouth bass. Check out our selection below!

  • Soft Body Frog

    Soft Body Frogs

    Soft Body Frogs Are A Must Have For Topwater Fishing.

    You should not leave the house with out a few of these in your tackle bag. Soft plastic frogs are a great topwater alternative to a hard topwater bait. Fishing these baits is basically a weedless and effective way to get fish in the boat. See our selection of products offered below!

  • Soft Body Swimbaits

    Soft Body Swimbaits

    Big or Small Swimbaits Can Catch Them All.

    Using swimbaits to catch was has been such a fantastic technique. Sizes can very from only 2 inches all the way up to 12 inches and beyond. Swimbaiting has become a top technique for locating and catching bass. Check out our selection of baits that are sure to put fish in the boat.

  • Soft Jerk Baits

    Soft Jerk Baits

    The Fluke is One Very Versatile Bait.

    The soft jerkbait or more commonly referred to as the fluke is a very simple yet effective bait for catching large and smallmouth bass. This can be fished a variety of different ways with a weightless with just a hook or can just used on a jig head and be just as effective. See our selection or colors and sizes below!

  • Soft Plastic Trailers

    Soft Plastic Trailer Baits

    A Perfect match for your favorite Jig or Bait!

    Trying to fish a jig or chatter bait without a trailer is a bad move. Match your favorite jig with the right trailer bait! Coming in a large variety of colors and sizes to either match the hatch or make a new combination of colors. Choose from Craw style jig trailers to swimbaits to make your jig look good!

  • Soft Stick Baits

    Soft Stick Baits

    One of the Most Versatile Plastics!

    Many of us have thrown a soft plastic stick bait before. With baits like the Gary Yamamoto Senko available this style bait has become a deadly technique when targeting bass. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, the possibilities are endless on how you choice to fish it. From Texas rigged to Wacky rigged the soft stick bait has a place in every bass anglers tackle box.

  • Spider Grubs

    Spider Grub Lures

    Spider Jig or Spider Grub? Whatever you call it they catch bass!

    The Spider Jig is one of those lures that can't be over looked. These soft plastic baits can come in one or two pieces and become very effective when the bite gets tough. A finesse approach with a spider jig can make a massive difference in success. Match these baits up with your favorite jig head and hit the water!

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