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Tackle Supply Depot Sponsorship

*This page explains how to fill out and submit a TSD Sponsorship Form*

We are proud to offer a Pro / Field Staff Program here at TSD! We are looking for qualified, dedicated, and respectful anglers who will be representing TSD in a professional manner on and off the water. We hold our Pro and Field Staff to a high standard as well as encourage enthusiasm and pride while promoting Tackle Supply Depot.

The Application Form must be downloaded, filled out, Saved and attached in a email (along with personal fishing resume if applicable) to Marketing@tacklesupplydepot.com . If there are any issues with downloading or filling out this form please contact us via email Marketing@tacklesupplydepot.com. No hand written submissions will be accepted.

See below for requirements and benefits of being part of the TSD Team.

*Do you want to be part of the TSD Team?*

Pro / Field Staff General Requirements

  1. Must have social media outlet – Facebook, Instagram, etc. or a personal website. Must follow and share Tackle Supply Depot posts on Tackle Supply Depot's Facebook and Instagram. Must have a link or tag on your profiles to our website
  2. Provide quality content at a consistent rate including but not limited to photos, videos, blog entries, social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) forums, etc.; all content provided via social media can/will become the property of used by Tackle Supply Depot at its own discretion on various platforms
  3. Instagram – Must tag @ tacklesupplydepot in weekly post and use both hashtags (#TackleSupplyDepot and #tsdfishing). Facebook – Must tag Facebook Tackle Supply Depot with weekly photos, videos, blogs, etc. The number of weekly posts will depend on Pro/Field Staff level, along with which social media site is more dominate.
  4. Share and distribute of your personalized Promo Code to encourage new customers to the TSD website (Percent off one time use) for website on social media or website, when and if given to share and post which allows TSD to track your efforts.This will be a personal code assigned to each staff member to track efforts. This code can be posted on social media sites.
  5. Maintain a professional standard while promoting or wearing our Brand/Website/Social Media/etc.
  6. Must write reviews on products you know and use on our product pages as well as Facebook & Instagram (If applicable) and encourage other to do so as well
  7. Post photos while wearing TSD Apparel (Logo Shirts, Technical, or Tournament Jerseys) to social media pages.

Pro / Field Staff Benefits are to be determined based upon the angler's fishing history, resume, and achievements.

Due to the nature of how the sponsorship system works here at TSD, Please allow up to 3 Weeks to have a response from our team. We will reach you by email primarily and next by phone. Please contact us via email, no phone calls.

-The Tackle Supply Depot Team

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