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Eurotackle Z-Viber Micro Finesse Fishing for Crappie!

Tackle Supply Depot was on the water with angler Jeff Rose fishing for Crappie with the Eurotackle Z Viber in 1/16oz and 1/8oz size! Jeff shows and explains his technique as he catches multiple fish in a variety of different presentations. This Micro Finesse Lipless Crankbait is a killer for Panfish, Crappie, Bass, and more! Great bait for open water and for ice fishing too!

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Swimbaits for Cold Water Smallmouth Bass!

Bassmaster Elite Pro, Paul Mueller fishes for cold water smallmouth with his favorite swimbait, testing out the newer Dobyns Colt spinning rod and Lews Mach Crush spinning reel. Using a variety of colors in the Reins Rockvibe Shad and Fat Rockvibe Shad. Fishing with swimbaits during the cold months up in the North East is a deadly technique.Check this out for tips to get those giant cold water bass to bite!

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Eurotackle NEW Z-Viber Sizes, Colors, and More at TSD!

Eurotackle has released the Z-Viber which may appear as just a mirco lipless crankbait however there is much more that can be done with this. A deadly option for vertical jigging as well as casting and retrieve the Z-Viber is armed with a high quality Japanese style single back hook. When retrieved the Z-Viber will produce a wide and unique wobbling action and when jigged the bait will look like a wounded baitfish flickering and dropping down. This allows for better hookups, no hinder action as well as the ability to be tipped with an offering such as a Mummy Worm or Micro Finesse series plastic for added attention. The vibration displaced for such a small bait are truly amazing. The Z-Viber is very versatile and can be used in a lot of different scenarios. Ice-fishing, trout, Panfish, Bass and Walleye just to name a few.

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Shimano Calcutta Conquest at TSD!

The Shimano Calcutta Conquest Baitcast Reel is part of a longtime benchmark round reel series prized for their durability and cranking power. The Calcutta Conquest is a cold-forged aluminum workhorse which boasts 12 SA-RB ball bearings plus a roller bearing to ensure continuously smooth operation. Micro module gears allow a compact design along with its S-Compact body and the large-diameter spool boosts line retrieves to over 30 inches per handle turn. The SVS Infinity brake system provides an easy-to-manage, consistent spool control and brake force while the Super Stopper II anti-reverse provides instant hook-setting power. Shimano's X-Ship improves the Reel's castability, while this baitcaster uses a Dartanium Drag for a wider range of drag settings.

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Shimano Lucanus Flat Fall Jig at TSD!

The Shimano Lucanus Flat Jig is a hybrid between the original Lucanus and the Shimano Butterfly Flat-Fall. Simply drop the jig to the bottom, start winding very slowly, move the jig through the desired depth, drop to the bottom again and repeat. The Lucanus Flat falls with a sliding action in a horizontal position, similar to the Butterfly Flat-Fall, keeping it in the strike zone longer. The fish will often strike on the drop causing the line to go slack. A perfect lure for targeting those bottom feeders such as black sea bass, fluke, flounder, snapper, grouper and other popular species

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