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Berkley PowerBait Bottom Hopper Berkley PowerBait Fatty Bottom Hopper Berkley Powerbait Maxscent D-Worm
Berkley PowerBait MaxScent Hit Worm Magnum Berkley Powerbait Maxscent Kingtail Berkley Powerbait Power Worm
Berkley PowerBait Power Worm Berkley Powerbait Rib Snake Berkley Powerbait Shaky Snake
Berkley PowerBait Shaky Snake Magnum Charlie Brewer's Slider Company Slider Worms Chompers  - Super Shaky Worm
Chompers Super Shaky Worm
Starting at: $4.49
Sale Price: $2.99
Savings: $1.50

Culprit Fat Max Culprit Original Culprit Worm Culprit T-Rex Worm
Culprit Fat Max
Starting at: $4.29

Culprit T-Rex Worm
Starting at: $4.49
Gary Yamamoto California Roll Spade Tail Worm Gary Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm Gary Yamamoto Shad Shape Worm
Gary Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm
Starting at: $7.99

Jackall Flick Shake Worm Jackall Neko Flick Worm Jackall Yammyfish
Jackall Flick Shake Worm
Starting at: $4.99

Jackall Neko Flick Worm
Starting at: $5.99

Jackall Yammyfish
Starting at: $4.99
Keitech  Easy Shaker Keitech Live Impact Worm Keitech Mad Wag
Keitech Easy Shaker
Starting at: $4.99

Keitech Live Impact Worm
Starting at: $4.29

Keitech Mad Wag
Starting at: $5.49

Missile Baits The 48 Worm Producto Carolina Worm Producto - Jiggle Tail Worm
Missile Baits The 48 Worm
Starting at: $4.99
Producto Carolina Worm
Starting at: $3.09
Producto Jiggle Tail Worm
Starting at: $4.49
Producto Ripple Worm Producto Spring Grub Producto Tournament Grub
Producto Ripple Worm
Starting at: $3.99

Producto Spring Grub
Starting at: $4.59
Sale Price: $2.79
Savings: $1.80
Producto Tournament Grub
Starting at: $2.99
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